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Play&Learn in the farm
Zero km cuisine and childrens’ laboratories

Duration: 6 hours

For families

The Farm

Only a short distance from Rome, on the Appian Way, there is Fiorano’s Farm. It’s a place rich in history, where respect for nature and love of wine are harmoniously fused in one. The Prince Alberico Boncompagni Ludovisi was the first to ever believe in the potential of this place, in the soil that was so rich that it gave a wine that was appreciates in Italy and in the whole world. After many years since his death, his three grand-daughters have revived their grandfather’s project starting a new cycle.

The restaurant

The biological restaurant is immersed in the rich nature of the countryside around Fattoria di Fiorano and has been dedicated to the Prince Alberico Boncompagni Ludovisi, according to the wish of his three grand-daughters who inherited the winery. The menu is perfectly combined with the superb wine the Farm produces and is inspired by the week’s vegetable garden’s harvest, which is only 20 m from the kitchen. The simple but well-cared-for style and the familiar and kind welcome you will receive make it the perfect place to rediscover the emotion of sharing the table on special or traditional occasions. All ingredients are exclusively produced in the Farm with biological growing techniques: extravirgin olive oil, vegetables, honey and jams, wine, bread, cereals, flours, cheese, tomato sauce, etc.

Laboratories Tour

“GNOCCHI or FETTUCCINE” dough, rolling out and cutting
The visitors will be helped in making the traditional dough that is used to make potato gnocchi and some alternative doughs made from vegetables from the garden, or they will learn to make traditional home-made fettuccine. Each visitor will be given all the ingredients he/she will need, aprons and caps, and all the tools (bowls, rolling pin, knives etc.)

We obtain flours from our biological cereals, and these are the main ingredient of all our breads. Our chefs will tell you the secret for the best home-made bread, from the dough to cooking on wood-fire. It’s an interactive experience to prepare the bread that will be served at lunch together. This experience is fun for both adults and children from 4 years up.

The visitors will be helped in making the traditional dough that is used to make pizza, from our biological flours to the vegetables of the garden that will be used to garnish. Each visitor can make the pizza he/she prefers! Each pizza will be cooked in the wood-fire oven and will be tasted by all!!

“Shortcut pastry”
Our chefs will tell you the secret for the best home-made shortcut pastry! From the dough to cooking in the oven. An interactive experience to prepare the pastry that will be used to make the biscuits and tarts that will be garnished and decorated with biological jams from the Farm and which can be taken home once cooked in the oven!

“Bees and honey”  
An educational laboratory to get to know bees better and the importance of this unique animal which is of fundamental importance for us and our ecosystem. This activity promotes the importance of the pollinating insects, healthy food, respect for the environment and ecosustainability. The visitors will be able to see the beehive and how it works and understand that bees don’t always prick! There is a theoretical phase in which images will be shown, the beekeeper’s tools will be shown, and work on the beehive will be simulated. Then a walk in the apiary will follow and the bees will be observed in the educational beehive where the bees and their work will be shown in absolutely total safety. Bee wax will then be manipulated to make candles that the participants can take home.

“Sow and you will gather – the vegetable garden in the box”
Participants will have fun being farmers for a day! They will be taught how to prepare the soil and which vegetables are planted in this season, they will prepare little jars of seeds that they will be able to take home and plant in their own garden or balcony. Tips will be given to best take care or their little plants so that they may give the fruits to be eaten in the following months.

“Plant hunt”
Which are the natural herbs that grow in the roman countryside? Where can they be found? How can they be recognized and how can they be used? An educational laboratory to learn to recognise plants and officinal herbs and their use. A treasure hunt will lead us to discover the officinal plants properties. The activity will be done on the Farm’s grounds where we will learn to distinguish the specific biodiversities of this territory. A beautiful herbarium will be made and taken home by the participants. This project wishes to help participants understand the role and the importance herbs have in the environment. It also wishes to teach young kids the traditional use of herbs. A sensorial route that will allow adults and children to enjoy colours and perfumes of the herbs. This activity can be done by adults and children, by modifying contents and approach according to the participants’ age.

“From milk to cheese”
A laboratory to discover the art of making cheese from milk. Participants will discover the main ingredients and the tools, and the history of the dairy world. Each participant, with his/her own kit, will make his/her own cheese to be taken home.

“Grape picking”
Guided experience to pick grapes, separation and selection of the single berries, squashing with feet. Participation in grape-picking.
Note: this experience is subject to the seasonal ripening of the grapes!



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You shouldn’t miss this tour because: learning by doing is simply fun!

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