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V.I.P. Tour of Ancient Rome
Colosseum AT THE ARENA LEVEL & Roman Forum

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Duration: 3 hours

For everyone

Cultural Shock: 49%

Energy Required: 57%

Disabled Friendly

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Tour description

With our V.I.P. tour of Ancient Rome from USA will have the unique opportunity to use the special access at the arena level of the Colosseum, which will give you the thrill of seeing where the battles of the gladiators and the wild beast were fought. The tour will continue with an exciting walk on the ancient Via Sacra inside the Roman Forum, the pulsating center of political, commercial and religious life of the ancient Romans.

Vip Tour Ancient Rome


The largest amphitheater of the Roman Empire owes its fame to all the legends that have developed around the gladiatorial games. Which are true and which are not? You will discover this and much more thanks to your tour guide on this Colosseum tour! After walking through the tunnels surrounding the arena, you will climb to the second ring to enjoy the same view that the ancient Romans had 2,000 years ago.

Vip Tour Ancient Rome

Roman Forum

Strolling through the ancient piazza of the Roman forum will be a unique experience for you, thanks to your tour guide who will be able to bring the ancient remains of the Roman Empire to life. Only in the Roman Forum can you go back 2000 years, in the time of Julius Caesar, and have the opportunity to see the altar where his body was cremated. We will walk together on the ancient stretch of the Via Sacra, through temples and triumphal arches to finally reach the building where the most important decisions were made: the Senate.

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What does archeaologist Giuliano think of this tour?

You shouldn’t miss this tour because: you will have the opportunity to live a day as an ancient roman would have, you will understand his habits and day-to day activities and you will see the largest monument that was dedicated to entertainment.

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