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Ostia Antica Tour
Discovering a roman city just like Pompei

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Duration: 5 hours

For everyone

Cultural Shock: 27%

Energy Required: 55%

Tour description

Ostia Antica is a roman city that has been preserved extraordinarily well. Its position on the Tiber river’s estuary determined its importance for Rome’s food supply chain. Originally a river port, in the I and II centuries d.C. it became, under emperors Claudio and Traiano, the most important seaport in the Tyrrhenian Sea.
In Medieval times, once the empire fell, the area got clogged up with sand and was abandoned. The first excavations which started to uncover the ancient city only started in the XIX century.

The city of Ostia Antica

Just like Pompei, Ostia is a preserved city which gives a very clear idea of what life was like in ancient Rome. As you walk along Ostia’s streets you will see not only thermal baths, villas, palaces, but also the lower classes’ housing, the tabernae (ancient fast foods!), warehouses and even drycleaners’ shops. It’ll be like travelling back in time to life 2000 years ago!

Not many people know that Ancient Ostia was the first real colony of Rome and also the biggest roman city of ancient times: the Decumanus Maximus, which was the main road, was 1.5km long. Walking along it we will reach the Forum, political and commercial heart of the city, the theatre, which is still used in summer with its 2700 seats and incredible sound, and Neptune’s thermal baths with its beautiful marine mosaics.

Ostia Antica Tour


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What does archaeologist Giuliano think of the Ostia Antica tour?

You shouldn’t miss this tour because: this site, with its abundance of archaeological remains, right by the sea and immersed in luxuriant greenery, will definitely take you back in history.

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