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Tour guide to Rome

I know you still have to arrive to Rome, but I want to already tell you “Welcome to Eternal City!”. I am Valentina – an art historian, painter and tourist guide of this wonderful city where I was born 36 years ago among popes, ruins of old temples, churches, medieval streets and much more that I can’t wait to show you.

I graduated in art history while I also did some archaeological excavations in one of the most fascinating sites in the world: the Imperial Forums.

Roman art is my favorite, but it is impossible not to love the baroque one enclosed in Bernini’s statues in the Borghese gallery (it’s one of the most visited, where you will understand what a man can really do from a simple block of marble). And then – the museum of illusions, the Vatican, with all its magnificent trompe-l’oeil lumps.

I love being a tour guide simply because I love being among people, walking, but above all making people smile – especially those with motor difficulties and not only. There is no greater joy for a tourist guide than to see people enthusiastic about everything, that we see.

Spoken languages: English, Italian
Favourite Tour: Colosseo
Favourite Dish: “Cacio e Pepe” Forever!
Favourite Street food: pizza
Wine: Ribbolla Gialla
What my friends say of me: I have a contagious smile

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