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Tour guide of Rome

Hello there! My name is Noemi, I’m 29 years old and I’ve been passionate about art and culture since always! I decided this would be my life at the age of 9, when a wonderful teacher called Mariella Brunelleschi (yes, Brunelleschi just like the famous Renaissance architect from Florence!) took my classmates and myself on a walk around Rome to practice drawing Baroque fountains! I still remember her saying: “No italian language lesson today, kids, put your coats on, we’re going out to learn to observe and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us!” That turned out to be the single most important and inspiring lesson of my life.

From then onwards a magic period that led me to graduate in History of Art, to work in an Auction House and -obviously- to communicate my love for this eternal city as an enthusiastic and joyful tourist guide began.

I have travelled a lot, I have lived for some time in Leiden (Netherlands), but I then decided to come back to Rome, for love, and not only of my city! I hope to have the opportunity to guide you and help you discover this city!

Languages: Italian, English
Favourite tour:
Ostia Antica
Favourite dish:
spaghetti with seafood
Favourite wine:
Aglianico del Vulture
Favourite street food:
What my friends say about me: they have to remember to wear comfortable shoes whenever they go out with me!

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