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Giuliano Catapano

Giuliano Catapano
Tour guide, archaeologist, Roman storyteller

My name is Giuliano, I was born and bred in Rome and I love my city. Ever since I was only a kid, every time I went into the Pantheon, I would feel incredibly happy…That’s why I decided to do all I could to spend as much time as possible in and out of the ancient buildings and sights of my city.

I graduated in oriental archaeology in 2006 and as from 2014 I am a Guide of Rome.

I love to live day to day experiences with my guests because Rome isn’t only about Museums, Colosseum and the Sistine Chapel. Rome is much more: the colours of Trastevere, the gardens and villas, the family-owned trattorie where you can savour delicious local cuisine, because here in Italy food is also history and has a lot to say about our culture. And then there is also an underground Rome which might well be even more fascinating than the day-lit Rome.

A lifetime wouldn’t be enough to discover Rome, and seeing surprise and delight reflected in the eyes of the visitors I accompany has no price, this is what makes my job really extraordinary!

Spoken languages: Italian, Roman, English
Favourite Tour: Sunrise in Rome; a walking tour of Rome before it awakens!
Favourite dish: Fettuccine with Ragù
Favourite Street Food: Supplì
Wine: Sagrantino di Montefalco (it isn’t roman…sorry!!)
What my friends say about me: I talk about gladiators way too much!

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