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Tour guide to Rome

I was only a little girl with a big pink bow on my head and already, when someone asked me what I wanted to be when I was older, I would answer, without hesitating: an archaeologist.

My name is Désirée, I’m an archaeologist, and I love my job.

I graduated at “La Sapienza di Roma” University, and I am Official Guide for the Vatican.

Each day I have the opportunity to live my dream come true: I spend my days surrounded by beauty. I’m proud to accompany tourists on their visits of my beautiful city, allow them to understand the hidden messages in works of art, monuments, sayings, to tell them stories and legends of the places and people who lived in them and aren’t evident at a first glance.

I will take you family on a trip back in time, among amphitheatres, palaces, piazzas, underground marvels, popes, emperors; and I will be able to see awe and surprise light up your eyes as you enter the Sistine Chapel or the underground basilica of San Clemente, as you stand in front of Caravaggio’s paintings or the Capanne Romulee on the Palatine hill, and this will give me the same thrill I always feel, as though it were the first time.

Spoken languages: Italian, Roman, English
Favourite Tour: Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel
Favourite Dish: Carbonara (no you don’t put cream in it: ask me for my grandma’s traditional recipe)
Favourite Street food: Pizza bianca with “mortazza” (mortadella): real champions’ food!
Wine: Mater Matuta IGT Lazio
What my friends say of me: watching a historical film with me is hell!

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