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Tour guide to Rome

Hi, my name is Antonella, I was born in Rome and I have a degree in art history.

I lived in Germany for a year and traveled extensively to France, Spain, the United States and Australia.

I have been doing this job for 10 years and I love it! Not only I love the idea of illustrating the beauty of Rome: Colosseum, Vatican, catacombs, fountains and squares, but also I love showing the surroundings, such as the wonderful Tivoli with the Villa D’Este where there are more than 600 fountains!

With the help of those who love Rome you can see everything in a different way and I hope to show it to you with my tours!

Spoken languages: English, French, German, Italian
Favourite Tour: Tivoli
Favourite Dish: pizza, ice cream
Favourite Street food: arancino
Wine: Montefalco rosso doc
What my friends say of me: visiting Rome is an unforgettable experience! Especially with people like me who love his job!

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